Are We There Yet?

Road trips are fun and stressful, depending on how soon you need to get to your destination. It seems that most travelers don’t take the time to go off the beaten path and truly linger discovering the unknown.

If I have the luxury of a road trip in the future, I will make sure to stop wherever I want and not plan a firm time to be at a destination. It will be a culinary road trip with every type of cuisine from diners, dives, and family owned restaurants. Oh, and dog friendly so my bestie, Grace, can travel with me. ❤️

Let me know if you have any places you recommend? Or a favorite road trip?

Grace, my travel companion. Photo by Alie Lauren

Puppy Mini Album


The May album for the Frank Garcia Mini Album Parcel Club was a true mini. It is adorable and is the perfect size for a baby/puppy/kitten book. So, I had to make one for Grace. She is two now. I absolutely love and appreciate her enthusiasm and happiness.

Frank sent Prima Marketing flowers. The paper and embellishments were from Crate Paper designed by Maggie Holmes. I want to give a big shout out to Frank because he has inspired me and his parcels are filled with love. He sends a beautiful note each month and it really gives me encouragement and inspiration.

What brings you joy?

Altered Jars

During my time in Virginia, I really focused on collecting jars and altering them. I gave most of them away in monthly drawings. It was a lot of fun. I hand stitched the burlap and flowers so they would last. I find that glue does not hold up and I have tried various types of adhesive. If you know of one that you like and prefer, please let me know. The stitching is very time consuming, but I want my items to last.

I finally cleaned out my jar collection and only saved a few of my favorites. When I say a few, I’m still close to 30 plus jars. I heard the term organized hoarding the other day and I like that description.

Do you collect jars? How many do you have?